Why not Milton Keynes

Today I met another Taiwanese to visit Milton Keynes. He is planning to move there to set up a subsidiary for his company. As I told my colleague yesterday, he chuckled as every time I mention Taiwanese’s enthusiasm about Milton Keynes; and he also chuckles when I mention Biscester Village as a major tourist attraction to Chinese. Typical reaction of a middles class British living in Guildford.
During the lunch, the new guy asked other Taiwanese guys why they chose to stay in MK, the answer is functionality: MK has most of the things you need to live and work. It’s convenient, 30 mins train to London and M1 goes through it. Also, he asked whether he has obligation to mow the lawn, after he heard yes, he said he wouldn’t rent a house, a flat with out the mowing obligation is much preferred.
People in Britain have a preference of village and country side life, home countries in particular, as they represent social economical status. Not many people openly say that as it’s rude to say “I live in country side, it’s rich area.”, but they do say “I live in country side, it’s nice area.”  ^_^ Not difficult translation. Many people argue that old(historic) houses have unique characters, which makes them different to modern houses. Myself is also moving house in Guildford, have viewed a couple of Victorian townhouse, I found they are all completely identical. The lounge, the staircase, the kitchen, the bathroom, all in the same position. Maybe this is the optimal design of 3 storey house in a rectangular patch of land.  
High rise residential buildings in Britain are often 1960’s council blocks, hence it gained the bad name of house for the poor. While in Asia, tall buildings represent the economic development. Concrete buildings themselves are not plus or minus, it’s the glory or non glory behind it. That’s why people in Britain hate 60’s concrete buildings and prefer the Victorian time houses.

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