3 days in China guide (3 – 1)

This is a piece of advice wrote for a friend. It may be useful to others as well.


3 days in Beijing, you must go to Great Wall and Forbidden City. So trotted you may say, but they are so Chinese, big, grand, imperial and no individual life visible. The gate house of Forbidden City, Tiananmen, is as big as the whole Buckingham Palace. Starbuck was driven out of forbidden city this summer because coffee house is too western, and a new coffee house was opened recently, called Forbidden City Cafe/Teahouse. The great wall in surburban Beijing is about 500 years old, not old at all by Chinese standard. Chinese started build wall to defend northern nomads invasion around 300BC. But enemy came from sea eventually.

Each place needs a day. If you have more time Hu Tong tour is good. Hu Tong means “lanes” hidden in old residential area. http://www.chinahighlights.com/beijing/hutong/

Don’t stay in Beijing International Hotel, I was there this summer. Bad management, shoddy service.
Beijing Hotel is alright though food is not good. Both locations are good, facing Chang An Avenue, the 10 lane road goes across Beijing. Kun Lun Hotel and Kerry Centre Hotel in east side of Beijing have better service. Ritan (Sun God Altar) Park nearby is good to a look of normal Chinese’s leisure life.

Traffic jam can be BAD in Beijing, so if you know where you are going, you may take underground, but not in rush hour.


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