3 days in China guide (3-2)

Shanghai is much pron westerners. Radisson Hotels near People’s Sq is good. Right in the middle of shopping area. Ajisen noodle bar next door is good, a bit too much umami if you eat there three days in a row like I did. (In fact all hotels I stayed in Shanghai are better than Beijing.) The pedestrian only street, Nanjing Road, in the noodle bar direction is the most famous shopping area in Shanghai. They even have small electric train to carry people along the street.

The Bund also worth going. Maybe a little bit too much like London.

Shanghai Xin Tian Di is a bar street. I’ve never been since I don’t drink. All my friends say foreigners like it. If you feel a bit nostalgic, that’s the place to go. Otherwise, Yu Yuan (Shanghai Garden), also called Chen Huang Miao (City God Temple) is a Chinese eating drinking place. The tea house on the middle of the pond is nice. The Siao Long Bao (small soup dumplings, with HOT soup inside dumplings) restaurant in Yu Yuan is very good. I saw a long queue last time.

Shanghai underground is good. Particularly if you need to travel across Huang Pu river to the newly developed east side. There are good hotels in east side too, Grand Hyatt Shanghai has a bar of top of it, good view. All in all, east side is beautiful new, like Canary Wharf, slightly lack the smell of ordinary life compare to old west side of Shanghai.

In mainland China, all foreigners are considered to be rich. In street market, you maybe asked to pay more for the same stuff. As Chinese, the price I pay is often 10 – 20% of the asking price, and I’m not good at bargain at all, you may take 10% of the asking price as the max bid. This applies to street market only. I haven’t heard such thing in restaurants or dept stores.

Most taxis in China don’t have seat belt in rear seats. For long journey going to express way (to and from airport, to the Great Wall), you may ask the hotel to book a business car with proper seat belt.

Apart from hotels, there are no toilet tissues in toilet, you must bring your own. Some places have squat toilets, in fact, they are better from sanitary point of view. So if you have the flexibility and strong leggs, you may follow the local. It’s apparently better for bowl movement.


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