3 days in China guide (3-3)

Hong Kong is like UK, apart there are lots of Chinese people. If the weather is good, you may go to the Peak, which I’ve never been because my priority is to go to restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong and Hong Kong Soho. That area is between Central station to Mid level, there is even an escalator going up the streets.

Have you heard of Feng Shui story of Bank of China Building vs HSBC building? BoC building is like a sword cutting through the buildings nearby and HSBC put a cannon model on the top aiming BoC. It’s also in wikipedia. You may go to have a look in real. One of the lions in front of HSBC building is said to have a bullet hole form WW2.

Hong Kong’s public transport is super good. Airport express takes only 30 minutes to Central. And there is airline check-in desk in Central station.

A friend just went to Hanoi in May, she says it’s must more relaxed than China. Street peddlers are not as pushy as China. All motorbikes on streets, very capitalist and bubbling.

Martin says Lonely Planet is good for SE Asia developing countries and Time Out is good for developed countries. You may check both for fun places to go.

Have a good time ^_^


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