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Tibet – eye witness’s count

March 21, 2008

violence aimed at Hans in Tibet

” … On the day of 14th, (mobs) killed every Han they met at where the riot was going. But the overall death toll was unreleased. However, my colleague’s spouse who worked in Public Security department told that about 170 Hans died. Then there was no more statistics. …”


“ethnically-targeted violence” – James Miles on Tibet

March 21, 2008

Transcript: James Miles interview on Tibet – the only Western journalist in Tibet at the time- Video

… calculated targeted violence against … primarily ethnic Han Chinese living in Lhasa, but also members of the Muslim Hui minority in Lhasa. … marked those businesses that they knew to be Tibetan owned with white traditional scarves. Those businesses were left intact. … Almost every other business was either burned, looted, destroyed, smashed into, the property therein hauled out into the streets, piled up, burned. … I saw them throwing stones at a boy of maybe around 10 years old perhaps cycling along the street. I in fact walked out in front of them and said stop. …

…them carrying traditional Tibetan swords, … very intimidating.

… (Chinese authorities) was let the rioting run its course … So in effect what they did was sacrifice the livelihoods of many, many ethnic Han Chinese in the city for the sake of letting the rioters vent their anger. …

… there was a probability that some ethnic Chinese were killed in this violence, and also a probability that some Tibetans, Tibetan rioters themselves were killed by members of the security forces. …

… What I did not hear was repeated bursts of machine gun fire, I didn’t have that same sense of an all out onslaught of massive firepower …

… Now numerous Hans that I spoke to say that they are so afraid they may leave the city, which may have very damaging consequences for Lhasa’s economy, Tibet’s economy. Of course one would expect that ethnic Chinese would think twice now about coming into Lhasa for tourism, and that’s been a huge part of their economic growth recently. …”

New York Police beat Tibetan demonstrators

March 21, 2008

Tibet report: Western media not telling the truth

March 21, 2008

Germany, N-TV

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